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No.102 Carbon Steel Paring Knives (Set of 2)

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Blade Length
3.75 in
Overall Length
7 5/8


If there was only one knife we’d consider a must-have in the kitchen, it’s the paring knife. Smaller and shorter than a chef knife, paring knives come in handy for chopping up fruits and small vegetables like mushrooms. In the absence of a peeler, a paring knife is great at doing double duty on those apples ready to be baked into a pie.

The No.102 Carbon Steel Paring Knife features a carbon steel blade, known for holding an exceptional edge, and long-lasting cut quality. But when using carbon steel in the kitchen, it’s important to keep it well-oiled, dry the blade right away, and do NOT leave it under water or wet to avoid corrosion.

This multi-purpose knife has a smooth 3.75 inch blade that ensures a perfect and precise cut. The varnished beech wood handle protects against moisture and dirt, making it a durable product. Set of 2 paring knives.