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All you need to know to take care of your Opinel


Sharpening at a 20 degree angle is recommended for all pocket knives & kitchen knives.

We do not recommend sharpening serrated blades or micro-serrated blades. Due to the sharp, recessed edges of a serrated knife, your Opinel will stay sharp for years to come


Do NOT put any wood-handled knives (pocket or kitchen) in the dishwasher. Wood is a living material, sensitive to its environment. It can swell or dry up, causing difficulties in opening the blade and warping over time.


With this simple gesture, you will be able to open even the most stubborn Opinel.


Invented in 1954 by Opinel founder’s son, Marcel, the Virobloc¼ Locking Ring is featured on all Opinel pocket knives from No.06 to No.13, and some Opinel tools. The locking ring will secure the blade in an open or closed position. Easily twist the locking ring to release the blade. The locking ring may be too tight or too loose due to the wood handle expanding or contracting. There is an easy way to fix this problem if it occurs using bow opening pliers.


Carbon steelhas a low resistance to corrosion. It will likely discolor (patina) and/or rust. DO NOT leave Carbon steel blades wet or damp. Hand dry immediately after each use. Humidity may cause corrosion: store your carbon blade in a dry environment. Avoid cutting acidic foods and oil your blade to prevent a patina. Do not worry if a patina has started building on your blade, as it helps prevent rust. Despite the discoloration of a patina, many Opinel fans seek this unique feature of our carbon steel blades.

For easy maintenance, we recommend our stainless steelblade options, as they are better suited for outdoor or food use.


Little has changed since 1890. Rooted in history and a commitment to craftsmanship, we're still following in Joseph Opinel's footsteps nearly 130 years later. From our home in the Alps, we make tools designed to stand the test of time. We value the quaility of our knives and tools, and offer a limited lifetime warranty for all Opinel products. In the event of a manufacturer's defect or workmanship, Opinel will exchange the products affected.