Carbon steel has a low resistance to corrosion. It will likely discolor (patina) and/or rust. Do NOT leave Carbon steel blades wet or damp. Hand dry immediately after each use. Humidity can cause corrosion. Store your carbon blade in a dry environment.
Avoid cutting acidic foods and oil your blade to prevent patina. Do not worry if patina has started building on your blade, as it helps prevent rust. Also, most Opinel fans seek this unique feature.

For easy maintenance, we recommend our Stainless steel options. They are also better suited for outdoor use or cutting food.


20 degrees are recommended for pocket knives & all chef knives. Serrated blades, even more so, micro-serrated blades rarely— if ever—need sharpening. This is because the sharp edges of a serrated knife are recessed, which means your Opinel can stay sharp for a very long time— as in years.


Do NOT put any wood-handled knives (pocket or kitchen) in the dishwasher.Wood is a living material sensitive to its environment. It can swell or dry up, causing difficulties in opening the blade.


The ancestral gesture that can open the most stubborn Opinel knife


Featured on all of our pocket knives from No.06 to No.13, and some of our tools. It locks the blade in an open or closed position. Turn the locking ring to release the blade. The Virobloc can be too tight or too loose due to the wood its sitting onexpanding or drying out. There is an easy way to fix this problem if it occurs, using needle-nose pliers.

Limited Lifetime Warranty