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November 19, 2020 2 min read

A beautiful charcuterie board is easier to assemble than you might think. Balancing a combination of savory, salty and sweet is even easier with some inspiration. Learn how to craft a charcuterie board that looks as good as it tastes with our new At Home Entertainment Kit. Get started with some tips and inspo-boards from the Opinel Community. 

Wine and Cheese the French Way!

Personalized and elevated Charcuterie is made easy with the At Home Entertainment Kit. Get started with the tools to help you cut, spread and serve your favorite food and bottled beverages. 

At Home Entertainment Kit- $95

Charcuterie Kit


Getting Started: What's essential to include?

In the French tradition charcuterie includes a few classic food parings such as: cured meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, veggies, olives, pickles, jams, spreads and something with a crunch. However, an eye catching and delicious spread can feature unique items that match your mood. We recommend covering the classics and also the parings that speak to you.

We covered our classics with meats from Olympia Provisions  Cheese from  Jasper Hill Farms and MT Tam Cowgirl Creamery and a Cabernet from Robert Sinskey Vineyards   

Tips and Inspiration 

1.) Start by placing the largest items first  

2.) Remember the Rule Of Opposites 

"The key to snacking success is all about opposites — soft and hard cheese, dried and fresh fruits, candied and roasted nuts, simple and herbed crackers. Easy to put together, easier to enjoy✌️." @Add1Tsb

3.) Start Small

 "A small charcuterie board is great practice for beginners. Plus it’s budget-friendly since you only need a 1 or 2 types of each item." @citysage 

4.) Take an Artistic Approach 

 " It’s such a pure and inviting way to share your artistic expression!"  @Rebekahan1

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