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Personalize your Knife! Exclusively At Opinel USA

Personalize your Knife!
Exclusively At Opinel USA

Personalize your Knife! Exclusively At Opinel USA

Personalize your Knife!
Exclusively At Opinel USA

We hope that you find the answers to your questions below! If not or you simply need reassurance, please call us at +1 888-537-5835 between 10am & 6pm EST Monday through Friday and we will clarify.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel and refund any engraving request that is found to be vulgar, offensive or inappropriate.

1. How do I add an engraving to my knife?

Each qualified knife displays the available engraving options by clicking "customize this item" below the "Add to Cart" button. Click on it to add engraving to your knife!

All knife handles are laser engraved, meaning your text will be burned into the wood and last the lifetime of the knife. Blades are laser engraved, we do not offer logo/artwork engraving at this time.

2. How long will it take for my engraved Opinel knife to ship?

Most personalized orders ship within 2-4 business days. Please allow up to 2 additional business days during the couple of weeks preceding Christmas and Father's day. When selecting an Overnight/Express shipping option, your engraved order will ship within 24 business hours. If you need reassurance please call us at +1 888-537-5835 between 10am & 6pm EST Monday-Friday and we will be able to provide you with a more accurate turnaround based on your particular needs. Please keep in mind that our engravers do not work Saturdays and Sundays EXCEPT during the 2 weeks preceding Christmas and Father's Day. Please visit our "Shipping Schedule" page for the most up to date information regarding shipping and delivery times.

3. Can I return my engraved Opinel knife?

Engraved Opinel knives cannot be returned unless we made an obvious mistake such as location, font or spelling. Location areas are "approximate". Our engravers will place engravings in the most "tasteful & appropriate" way. Please let us know if you have special requests regarding the order of words, size etc... by calling us at +1 888-537-5835.

We cannot accept returns on items that were not engraved the way you "assumed" they would be unless you provided us with specific written instructions that we confirmed and did not follow. You may contact us at at any time or simply call us at +1 888-537-5835 with questions.

Please review your engraving's spelling before checkout. Although we try to catch errors we cannot be held responsible for spelling mistakes, typos and incorrect location provided by customer. In addition, we would love to give you a quick call if we have questions regarding your engraving. Please provide us with a direct phone number to reach out to you if needs be. Thank you for your understanding.

4. I need a large amount of personalized Opinel knives for my employees, do you offer a discount?

Yes, If you need 24+ knives we can help! Simply complete our corporate application and we will reach out to you.

5. Engraving Fonts

Click on a font to preview your text