Testimonials from around the world

by Opinel USA December 07, 2018

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Testimonials from around the world

While always quintessentially French, the Opinel pocket knife is beloved all across the world. We hear often from happy members of the Opinel family, who share their stories in their own words, across many languages, continents apart.

They describe their Opinel knives as timeless companions, family heirlooms, serious tools, and the spark of fond memories of family, adventure, coming of age, and lifetimes of hard work.

We love hearing your stories, and we’re honored to make the knives that accompany your life, in any language, anywhere in the world life takes you. Here are a few of our favorites we had to share.

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"A festival, a trip to the woods, canoeing... I never leave without my OPINEL N°08 outdoor! Sophisticated design meets absolute functionality."

Sebastien, Essen, Germany

"Just thank you. My Opinel Nº8 did its job and saved my life at work when Boss told me, “Just cut this wire,” and the electrician said, “Oh, sure, that's all unplugged!” Truly, there were 220 volts, 16A, when I cut it. This knife is my brother since 2012. "

      Maller, St. Petersburg, Russia

"Got my first one 3 years ago, a carbon Nº7. Started carrying it around and using it for everything, as my main backpack and everyday blade. Really surprised on how much abuse it took and how well it performed in different situations, from factory work to camping and trekking scenarios. Nowadays I own 4 different Opinels and want more of them. As knives are an important part of Argentinian tradition, we know how to distinguish quality, reliability and duration in blades. And one of the greatest European knives, in my opinion, are Opinels. I even honored it by making it my main asado knife."
Jose, La Falda, Córdoba, Argentina

"Aujourd'hui lundi 28 decembre, j'ai offert un Opinel a mon fils de 16 ans pour Noel. Non pas qu'un couteau sois le plus des cadeaux, mais ce couteau c'etait celui de mon pére qu'il m'a offert y a 25 ans a Noel. Qui lui même l'avait recu de son pére pour Noel, de souvenir, je me rappel pas que des cadeaux ce passe de générations en générations. Ah oui ! sauf notre couteau Opinel.

Today, Monday, December 28, I offered an Opinel to my 16-year-old son for Christmas. A knife may not be the most exciting of gifts, but this knife belonged to my father, which he gave to me 25 years ago at Christmas, and who himself had received it from his father for Christmas. I do not think that often gifts pass from generation to generation. Ah, yes! Except our Opinel knife."

      Anonymous, Epernon, France

"L'Opinel pour moi ça évoque les confitures: cueillir les fruits, les préparer, les gratter, les éplucher, et ensuite cette délicieuse odeur qui envahit la maison. Mes Opinel ont les manches tâchés de fraises, de framboises, de coings, de cassis, de pêches... Ils sont les témoins de mes créations culinaires savoureuses!

For me, the Opinel is about jam: pick the fruit, prepare them, scrape them, peel them, and then this delicious smell permeates the house. My Opinels have handles stained from strawberries, raspberries, quince, currants, peaches... the testimony to my culinary tasty creations!"

      Meryl, Aix en Provence, France

"My son purchased my first Opinel, a Nº9, just recently for me and I'm in love!! This knife does everything well, from whittling to taking down small trees! I'm thrilled to learn of its history and use by so many adventurers, and hope to add some stories myself!"
Anonymous, Julian, Pennsylvania, USA

"Dear Opinel, When I was 9 years old in 1971, I got my first Opinel from my parents in Bretagne, France. Great fun! Over the years I have never lost my love for your great knife. Now that I have sons, they both got a Ma Premier Opinel version when they were 8 years old. Transferring skills of my youth! We never go on holiday without it! In the mountains, in the woods, near the sea..."
Coprine, NIEUW-VENNEP, Netherlands

"As a child my Father, who was an accomplished hobby woodcarver, had in amongst his carving tools an Opinel Nº6 knife. It was what my Dad used to teach me knife safety and basic wood carving. Some 20 years later I had a child of my own. Wanting to teach her like I was taught by my Father, I dutifully bought her an Opinel Nº6 of her own. Again, 20 years later, I have just purchased a new Opinel Nº6 for my oldest boy of 11. In a few years, when he is old enough, I will purchase another for his brother. To me the design of the Opinel knives, and the safety of their locking ring, make them the best knife I could think of for teaching my children basic carving and knife safety. As of this writing I am waiting for an Opinel Nº8 as my personal pocket knife. I hope that my children turn to Opinel knives when their children are old enough to learn some carving basics."
P. Holmes, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Opinel USA
Opinel USA

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David Green
David Green

February 25, 2019

I ordered a nice engraved model #8 as a Christmas Present for my adult son in Spokane, WA. He couldn’t wait and opened it early. He says he absolutely loves it! I have two of your fine knives myself, both #8s, one engraved, the other plain. I never go anywhere without one. And this is coming from a guy who has a very large collection of custom and handmade knives! I am getting ready to order another as I write this!
A very satisfied customer,

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