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October 02, 2022 2 min read

Ever wondered how the Opinel No.08 Mushroom Knife stacks up in the wild? We asked our favorite foragers on Instagram for their input. Here's what they had to say:

"I received my knife a 3 holidays ago from my lovely sister (the ultimate gift giver) I was delighted that she had it engraved with my name. It is such a useful and thoughtful gift. I love the curved, locking blade. Before my Opinel I used a basic pocket knife and felt like I would "cut off too much" good mushroom while field cleaning. The curved blade has much better control and is far less dangerous than carrying around a pointed blade. I religiously use the brush, as no one likes a dirty mushroom in their basket. I have turned a few friends into mushroom hunters over the last 9 years of my hobby and always tell them - If they want to step up their mushroom game - an Opinel knife is a absolute necessity." - @_ladyofthewoods_

No.08 Mushroom foraging community
Opinel Mushroom Foraging ladyofthewoodsOpinel Mushroom Knife Foraging ladyofthewoods

No.08 Mushroom Knife foraging


No.08 Mushroom Opinel foraging

"Many years ago, my partner Carlos gifted me my very first Opinel knife. Up until then, I was using a cheap, run-of-the-mill pocket knife, but once I started foraging with my new Opinel, I knew I’d never travel without one again. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection, but my favorites are the No.08 stainless steel mushroom knife, as well as the tried and true No.08 carbon steel folding knife. They’re both extremely lightweight, razor sharp, and they slice through woody stems and tough bracket fungi like butter. They have totally transformed my foraging practice, and I will without a doubt, be a lifelong Opinel knife enthusiast!" - @witch.ofthe.wood

No.08 Mushroom Opinel foraging

"My first mushroom knives belonged to my grandfather who started me on a forager’s path at an early age. He lived in Westbrook, Connecticut, next door to the Opinel USA headquarters in Niantic. Carrying on family earth skills traditions three decades later, I still love the lightweight, ergonomic, folded presentation of the Opinel No.08 with a useful brush to prepare wild foods for field photography and cleaner basket transport." - @ethicalforagerNo.08 Mushroom Opinel foraging

"Heard about Opinel through other foragers and then was gifted an engraved knife by my husband! I love the wood handle, safety lock and curve of the blade. It makes it very easy to quickly cut & pluck a mushroom of any size." - @withcarrington

Get your own!

No.08 Mushroom Knife

No.08 Mushroom Knife

No.08 Mushroom Knife Oak with Box

No.08 Mushroom Knife Oak with Box

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