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January 08, 2021 2 min read

It's that time of the year where there is an undeniable pressure to make resolutions in order to start the New Year in the "right" direction. Frequently appearing on top of the most daunting to-do list of the year are resolutions such as "lose weight,” “get more organized" or "start living life to the fullest." It's no wonder why many of us have such a hard time sustaining pressure filled changes beyond the start of the new year. 

Instead of making a grand change this January with eliminating steps to comply with your resolution, consider reframing your approach in 2021. Make this year a new opportunity to explore new interests to enrich your life. Leave the pressure of self-imposed, fear based resolutions in the past. Consider making this the year to focus on trying to learn a new skill that brings you joy. Repeat this process or continue with your new found interest. There's no need to give yourself an unrealistic time contract of how long you need to stick with it in order to feel like you've fulfilled an arbitrary goal. Give something new a chance and if it doesn't stick, that's alright. You will feel much happier when you've allowed yourself the freedom. It's time to let curiosity fuel the momentum of your New Year direction and let the joy of trying something new be your main focus.

Skip the resolutions try something new!

1.) Learn a New Knife Skill

Turn a lemon or lime into a fun drink garnish with just a few steps! All you need is a fresh lemon or lime and a sharp chef knife.

2.) Expand your Garden with Propagation

Most plants and succulents can be propagated through a similar process.  Just remember the three s's of propagation. Split, separate and splash your cutting into some new water. Watch your new roots grow and eventually replant. 

3.) Carve or Whittle Something New 

Whittling is an all ages activity. Discover projects that cater to a range of skill levels—including a pen/pencil holder, chess pieces, a slingshot and more in 50 Things to Do with a Penknife. Carve your own Opinel Handle with the Whittling Kit which also comes with Matt Collins 50 Things to Do with a Penknife.

4.) Build a Beautiful Bouquet

Add a personal touch by creating your own bouquet to gift to a loved one or to enjoy yourself. Use our hand pruners to cut and trim with ease. 

5.) Try out Tablescaping 

Elevate the ordinary from your own home. There are endless styles, methods and decorations to transform your table into something special. Try designing your table around a color scheme. Build off the colors in one of our Bon Appetit Sets or create your own color palette with the Bon Appetit Individual Knives. or by enhancing your dining experience with seasonal touches. 



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