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April 20, 2023 2 min read

A guide to picnicking like the French!

With roots in the French countryside dating back centuries, “Pique-Niques” have earned their place as a quintessentially French activity through the iconic depictions in famous works of art, to the everyday view of Parisians enjoying a meal along the Seine. While a lot of elements are open to interpretation - the location, the company, the conundrum of whether to bring plates, the French stick to the classics when it comes to the essentials. 

Opinel how to pack a french picnic

Essentials for a French picnic: 

A Baguette (or two)
An essential element to the French picnic - a crisp, yet chewy baguette serves as the base for some of our favorite sandwiches, an excellent vessel for serving pate, or simply enjoyed with a bit of cheese.

A country known for its seemingly endless options of delicious fromage, there are a few that find their way into our picnic baskets time and time again. You cannot go wrong with a creamy, soft-ripened cheese like camembert or brie. We’re also partial to the semi-hard comte (similar to greyere).

Add a bit of sweetness to the spread by hitting a local market and loading up one whatever fruits are in season! Dried fruits, like apricots or figs, will also do in a pinch.

A saucisson sec (dry-cured) salami is a must for layering onto sandwiches, or pairing with your favorite cheese. And we’d be remiss not to mention that adding a rich pate will do wonders to elevate a simple alfresco outing.

For something a little more substantial, we’re big fans of a simple pasta or orzo salad. Enjoyed with the Picnic+ utensils, of course.

A crisp rose, or a nice cold cremant are

A little something sweet
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bit of Nutella spread on a baguette, or a few Pétit Écoliers.

Don’t forget the perfect picnic knife, an Opinel!

No.10 corkscrew knife

No.10 Corkscrew Knife

No.08 Folding Knife

No.08 Folding Knife



Nomad Kit

Nomad Kit

Opinel how to pack the perfect french picnic


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