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Fillet the Opinel Way

Never filleted a fish? No worries! We offer a variety of fillet knives to prepare a fish feast at home, or in the wild. Follow our three tips and get started with the right fillet knife for the type of fishing you fancy! If you're more of a foodie than a fisher, learn from our friends at Sitka Salmon Shares and get wild in the kitchen! 

Getting Started 

1. Get the right size blade according to the size of fish you hope to fillet

Refer to our size guide below to find the right fillet knife for your fishing!

2. Consider the qualities of your ideal fillet knife

Blade flexibility for a fillet knife used in the wild and a comfortable handle are key characteristics of your next fillet knife. We use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% provides an excellent cutting edge and is easily sharpened.

3.) Don't forget to pack a folding fillet knife—or two on your next trip

Tip from the experts: Stash one at the cabin or your weekend getaway home. They also make great steak knives! 


Getting Wild at Home

Our friends at Sitka Salmon, a completely integrated boat-to-doorstep seafood company show how fun and easy it is to get wild in the kitchen. Their community of artisan fishers, healthy eaters, foodies, and Alaskan adventurers are working to rebuild America’s seafood system from the ground up. Preparing fish doesn't have to be a fantasy. For a tutorial on how you can fillet and debone salmon watch below and follow these easy tips:

Tips and takeaways:

1.) Keep your knife at at 35-45 degree angle 

2.) Slide your fish to the edge of the cutting board so your knife clears the fish

3.) Steadily push and glide blade through fish 

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May 06, 2021

When it comes to a steak knife most desirable for use when dining out, the Opinel no 10 Padouk is the absolute hands down, perfect choice, period! Size, shape, and weight, it is the most ergonomic, comfortable, and pleasurable instrument for the task! I hold mine like I am writing with a pen, and cut through steak like a surgeon!

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