Frequently asked questions

1. How should I take care of my Opinel knife?
2. Why is my Opinel folding knife sometime difficult to open?
3. How do you sharpen an Opinel knife ?  
4. Can I put my Opinel in the dishwasher ?
5. What is the difference between a carbon blade and a stainless steel blade ?
6. The blade of my Opinel has rusty bits on it, what's happening ?
7. I have a retail store, where can I buy Opinel wholesale in the US ?
8. What is the "Crowned Hand" stamp ? 
9. Where does the wood used for the Opinel knives' handles come from?
10. What is the "coup du savoyard" ?
11. What is a Opinel Slim knife? 
12. Why don't you have Opinel "Pear wood" Handle?
13. I noticed that the beechwood of the Opinel Carbon and Stainless steel models look different, is it the same wood?
14. How do you pronounce Opinel?
15. What type of metal does Opinel use to make blades?
16. Why and when did Opinel stop offering the No 1 & 11 models?
17. The blade of my Opinel is not level with the handle, it appears that the knife does not open fully. Is this normal?
18. Why does Opinel do not offer a wider range of carbon blade models, why just beechwood handle?