Meet the "N°08 Olive Wood Pocket Knife"

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8.5 cm - 3.35 in

We use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% provides an excellent cutting edge.

The mythical tree of the Mediterranean ! This hard wood is yellow to orange in appearance and has dense and often complex veining. Soft to the touch, it has a nice polish.

Invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, the Virobloc safety ring is fitted to all folding knives as of the N° 06. Cut out of stainless steel, the Virobloc has two sections, one fixed and one sliding. In addition to locking the blade open (safety in use), it is now possible to lock the blade closed (safety in transport)

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Great knife


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Great knife. Very pretty handle.

Not my first, nor my last Opinel


Your rating: 5

I bought my first Opinel knife back in the sixties. It was a venerable #8 with carbon steel blade. Left it in my backpack, damp, and it did what carbon steel will do, rust. I have since bought and lost/ruined/loaned at least 5 of these, and have run riht back for more. I now own the olive wood, SS version. With these knives, I have gutted, and skinned small game and deer, cooked (camping), carved tent stakes, whittled, and anything else you can think of doing with a knife. They have NEVER let me down. The only drawback was cutting and apple with the carbon blade, as it left a metallic taste in the fruit. Now, with the SS blade, even that little problem is gone! What more can I say? Inexpensive, holds and edge as well as any knife out there, easy to sharpen, easy to carry, and a joy to use.

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Opinel Story

The Opinel knife is named after the Opinel family from the Savoie region in the heart of the French Alps