Click on a selection below to be directed to the appropriate artwork. Please note that the artworks provided are "downloadable" to your compute. All artwork are provided to you as a option to personalize your Opine knife. You may upload your artwork or the one found on our site to our system while placing your order. 

We will engrave the artwork provided to us on the location of your choice. However, it is your responsibility to use common sense while making your artwork decision. For example placing an artwork that is very detailed with lots of small lines would not be the best choice for a small No6 knife and would be more appropriate on a No8 knife and up. In other words, the more the details the bigger the knife should be.      

Choose "Logo/Artwork Upload" option from the first drop-down menu to upload your artwork to our system. Please do not upload artwork that is less then 600 dpi. - We do not accept / engrave photos, thank you.


Animal Silhouettes

Celtic Designs 

Large Letters