Meet the "N°113 Serrated Knife Natural"

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Made in France since 1890

10 cm - 3.94 in

We use Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. It is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% provides an excellent cutting edge.

Beech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, our beech is hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small, -dark dashes.

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I bought this knife in China in a knife store that sold only knives. It was one of the most expensive knives in the store as I needed to get rid of some Chinese money the day before I left. I can't give this knife enough praise as it cuts tomatoes, onions, and any fruit like it is going through butter. I absolutely love this knife! I even take it with me when I visit my daughter in AZ and my son in S.C. as they don't have any knife as good. I'm getting ready to order 3 more of these knives. You won't be sorry if you buy one of these knives. They're great!!

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Opinel Story

The Opinel knife is named after the Opinel family from the Savoie region in the heart of the French Alps