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Pocket Sleeve

Belt Loop


The Pocket Sleeve is part of the Collection France line of sheaths, designed by our long-time partner BIG-GAME design studio. The Pocket Sleeve is made in Savoie, France with a focus on environmentally friendly materials. Using regenerated leather - an eco-conscious material created with waste leather fibers and plant-based materials - the Collection France sheaths are a new sustainable way to carry your favorite Opinel knife! 

Made with regenerated leather, the Pocket Sleeve will keep your Opinel folding knives safely stored during transport. Hang it from a backpack or belt loop with the leather lanyard, or slip it in your pocket for safe keeping.

Fits Opinel Knives: No.06, No.07, No.08No.08 Effilé

Belt Loop: No.

Made in France.

For over 130 years Opinel has been crafting knives and tools in the heart of the French Alps. Much like Joseph Opinel did from his workshop in 1890, today we still manufacture Opinel products from our factory in Chambery, France.