Alpine Heritage Kit

If you grew up in France, chances are you’ve heard of Opinel and you probably read First on the Rope by Roger Frison-Roche. A tale of conquering Mont Blanc in the French alps and the birthplace of Opinel knives. Follow along with your little ones and enjoy our classic folding knives which have inspired generations of adventurers. The kit includes the book, a No.07 “My first Opinel” and our classic No.08 Stainless Steel Folding knife.
  • - My First Opinel No.07 Scouts Folding Knife with safety features to teach young learners

    - The original Opinel No.08 for experienced or mature enthusiasts

    - Classic French book in special English edition to be read and enjoyed together

    - Limited Lifetime Warranty

    - Made in Savoie, France