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Because they are affordable, durable and versatile Opinel knives can be found in a variety of retail outlets. Cutleries - Kitchen accessories - Garden centers - Sporting Goods - Gun Shops - Hardware stores - Camping & Outdoor gears - Retail Kitchen stores - Cheese shops AND MUCH MORE!

A representative of Opinel USA will contact you shortly after the submission of your application if it is approved. Your approved account will also give you access to our convenient online wholesale shopping on Opinel-USA.com.

Note: Wholesale accounts are accepted for legal United States retailers offering cutlery related products via brick & mortar retail store and or independently owned e-commerce retail web site. We do do accept applications from bloggers, educational web site owners, etc...
If you are not a retailer and are in need of a several identical and engraved knives (25+) please contact us directly 860 245 2211 or complete our corporate gift request here.

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