Opinel tells you its history. Where did it all start? Where does the crowned hand symbol found on all Opinel knives come from? Since 1890, generations of Opinel cutlers have forged metal in traditional style to bring you authentic quality knives.



1800 - Blacksmiths from father to son
1872 - Birth of Joseph Opinel
1890 - Family workshop 1897 - Series no. 1 to no. 12
The 1800s 1872 1890 1897

Blacksmiths from father to son.The Opinel family starts to forge metal. 


Birth of Joseph Opinel at Gévoudaz in Savoie.  



Family workshop

Edgetool maker at Albiez-Le-Vieux, a small village near Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoie, Joseph Opinel manufactures the first Opinel knives. 

Series no. 1 to no. 12
The series of ten sizes numbered 1 to 12 is developed. 



1901 - First factory 1909 - The crowned hand 1911 - Gold Medal 1914 - Mass production
 1901  1909  1911  1914 
The First factory
Joseph Opinel builds his first factory at Pont de Gévoudaz and produces a machine to make the handles.
The crowned hand
Joseph Opinel registers his first cutlery trademark and chooses "The Crowned Hand" as its emblem."
Gold Medal
Gold Medal at the Alpine International Exhibition in Turin (Italy).
Mass production
The start of mass production.
 1915 - Moving to Chambéry  1920 - Family business  1926 - Reconstruction and inauguration
1915 1920 1926 1930
 Moving to Chambéry
Joseph Opinel buys an abandoned tannery at Cognin (outskirts of Chambéry), along with its waterfall, the Hyères canal, to set up his factory.
 Family business
Installed in the new factory, Joseph, ably assisted by his two sons, Marcel and Léon, expands Opinel both industrially and commercially.
Reconstruction and inauguration
The factory is destroyed by fire. A new, modern factory is built and inaugurated at end 1927. 
 Opinel machinesMarcel Opinel concocts special production machines.
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